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Beyond This Prison is an organization that uses the literal and metaphorical framework of incarceration to explore truths about ourselves and others, and to build stronger communities.


All of our programs and offerings have evolved from a hand-written letter correspondence between Glenn Robinson and J.R. Furst–-two men looking for connection. Glenn is serving a forty year prison sentence in Angie, Louisiana and J.R. is living a civilian life in Berkeley, California.


In 2012, J.R. took parts of Glenn's inspiring letters and turned them into a blog.


After the blog was established, BTP launched their Youth Programs--connecting at-risk individuals with their own incarcerated pen-pals.


Finally, BTP created an innovative curriculum--based off of Glenn's words--to help individuals and communities redesign their internal & external systems, so that they can live in a world that supports people to have healthy, free, and inspired lives.





Glenn grew up in a challenging environment, and he committed a non-violent crime when he was 18. Some people make mistakes and get a slap on the wrist, and some people get a 40 year bid. He is not a bad person. Currently, given his circumstances, his greatest sense of freedom comes from sharing his wisdom, insight, hope and love through J.R.


The combination of Glenn's spirit & words and J.R.'s powerful facilitation bring about profound transformations in individuals and in communities. 


CATE WHITE is our brilliant resident artist. She works across media including painting, drawing, video, bookmaking and installation. More of her work can be seen at:

Co-founder, Glenn Robinson, Resident Artist, Cate White, and Co-founder, J.R Furst


Resident Artist, Cate White, with Glenn at Rayburn Correction Center, 2014

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