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Exploring and pursuing all facets of freedom and justice towards personal & community transformation

Listen to the inspiring words OF
Co-founder, Glenn Robinson:

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Know Your Purpose - Glenn Robinson
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Writing to Freedom:

The Story of "Beyond this Prison" - Interview by Holly Shaw

Holly Shaw interviews all three of the people behind Beyond This Prison's origin story, telling the story of how friendship, wisdom, and creativity became the lifeboat for one man’s literal freedom from prison and the mental unshackling of hundreds of others.



  • Change the world one relationship at a time.

  • Learn how to turn inspiration into action.

  • Free ourselves before trying to free others.

  • #KnowYourPurpose

  • Use gratitude as a powerful tool.

  • Creative, authentic engagement is a form of freedom. 

  • Challenge our tendencies to castigate, discount, or over look hard-to-reach individuals.


We use Glenn Robinson’s literal experience of being imprisoned, and his subsequent realization that incarceration goes far beyond physical confinement—as well as the the universally applicable wisdom he’s found within these inhumane environments—as our fulcrum for personal and community transformation.

All of BEYOND THIS PRISON's offerings have evolved from an inspired handwritten letter correspondence between an incarcerated visionary, Glenn Robinson, and a civilian artist: J.R. Furst.


To offer programs that allow people to engage with their relationships to freedom, and to use that information to build better lives for themselves and their community. - - At our core, we have a fundamental desire to open-mindedly be of service to the individuals and communities we work with.

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