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We help young people connect to a deep sense of meaning and purpose. 



The development of a young person’s heart and mind is important not only towards their own well being, but also towards the well being of our world at large, and of our future. Beyond This Prison infuses our participants’ developmental trajectory with the vital wisdom of incarcerated visionary, Glenn Robinson.


Glenn has taken a challenging childhood and adolescence and turned them into a passion for doing everything in his power to make sure the youth of today have more perspective, awareness, support, and hope than he did.


We identify and give voice to specific societal challenges facing our communities and our world, and we have a particularly strong focus on helping our participants gain a better understanding of where their own personal experience fits into this larger web, and how to proceed from there. We believe that this kind of self-awareness provides an essential foundation for individuals to take effective and sustainable actions towards what they feel is right, necessary, and just.

As an organization, we’ve taken Glenn’s words and crafted creative activities around them that allow participants to have powerful insights and realizations. 

More specifically, we explore the following:

  • Writing and Communication Skills

  • Self-Reflection and Self-Awareness

  • Cultural Diversity

  • Widening Worldviews

  • Expanding Creativity

  • Finding Authentic Voice and Aligning it with  Educational Trajectory

  • Building Community

  • Challenging Disconnect & Apathy

  • Cultivating Inspiration

We offer customizable workshops that can range from a 2-hour one-time offering, to a semester long program that meets weekly.

Our work is generally catered towards youth between the ages of 15-24 from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds.

Previous clients include: Leadership Public School (High School in Richmond, CA), Youth Spirit ArtworksSt. Mary's CollegeSF State University, City of Dreams.

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